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They sense everything. They manage every impulse — every movement our body makes. Together, the hyper-complex, interconnected Central Nervous System (CNS) and Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) control our internal organs, blood vessels and cardiac muscles. As well as our skin, bones, joints and skeletal muscles.

In fact, almost everything we do as humans begins with the vast network of PNS nerves, which continually gather and relay information to the CNS. Instantaneously, the brain — the control center of the CNS — analyzes and interprets the signals and sends out the appropriate responses.

For most of us, the intricacies can be confusing. And, CNS or PNS issues can be frustrating and painful. But, there’s hope. In the caring, uniquely qualified, doctors and staff of the Fort Wayne Neurological Center. They’re ready to help. To provide the diagnosis you need. And, recommend the best course of treatment.

We know every patient is unique. No two cases are alike. And, our experience has taught us to understand that every ailment requires individual treatment. Which is why we’ll stay with you — every step of the way — and guide you through the healing process. Ask us questions. And you’ll receive honest, thorough answers. Because, we strive to treat every patient with compassion, respect and the comprehensive medical care they deserve.

Our Mission

Fort Wayne Neurological Center provides patients suffering from neurological and spinal disorders with the most advanced, comprehensive and accessible care in the region. Treatment provided by a healthcare team committed to offering unequaled service through the entire continuum of a patient’s care, including: evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, prevention, education, research, referral and administration.

Our Patient Experience

Our staff is committed to providing unequaled service. From front office personnel to your physician, you can expect caring, professional support every step of the way.