Introducing Dr. White

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Ian White as the newest member of our team at NeuroSpine & Pain Center. A native of Hawaii, he graduated from Wheaton College in Illinois and Saint Louis University School of Medicine in St. Louis. He completed his residence at Indiana University Health in Indianapolis.

With specialties in complex spine surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery and neuro-oncology, Dr. White looks forward to “working with professionals … doing what they truly believe is in the patient’s best interest.”

Dr. White

When he was in high school, a personal experience prompted his interest in spine surgery. His father suffered a spinal injury in an auto accident and as a result struggled with severe pain. “I watched him transform from the kindest man you will ever meet, to a shell of himself. But a friend convinced him to have spine surgery, and his life was instantaneously changed for the better.”

Dr. White strives to tailor his approach based on patient input. His goal is to understand the individual and offer a range of options. “There is no perfect formula for a disease, as each patient is different,” he said. “Finding the appropriate treatment for every patient is something I am learning now and will continue to learn throughout my career.”

“As surgeons we are always trying to advance our techniques, either with technology or our understanding of science and anatomy. The key is finding the right technology and right technique to suit each patient.”

Dr. White is eager to become part of the Fort Wayne community. He enjoys participating in outdoor sports, especially ice hockey, golf and tennis, and is learning to water-ski. He and his fiancée also enjoy traveling and learning about other cultures, as well as picking up new recipes and cooking tips from abroad.

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