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Some of the more common problems that the physicians of Fort Wayne Neurological Center will diagnose and treat are:

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The following diagnostic and treatment modalities are available at Fort Wayne Neurological Center or at nearby hospitals:

  • Computerized axial tomography (CT scan)
  • EEG (electroencephalogram)
  • EMG/NCV studies (electromyography/ nerve conduction)
  • ENG
  • Evoked responses
  • Lumbar punctures
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Tensilon testing

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We offer many state-of-the-art treatment technologies, including these therapies:

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Institutes Of Care

Fort Wayne Neurological Center has established nine specialized patient focused centers of care that we call institutes to ensure our patients receive the best care medically available.

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Supplementary Services

In keeping with their mission of providing unequaled service through the entire continuum of a patient's care, FWNC offers these other comprehensive diagnostic or treatment ancillary services.


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Recognizing that nearly all neurological disorders or injuries combine the need for both physical as well as psychological and emotional healing, the FWNC has Neuropsychological resources as a component in its continuum of care. A full spectrum of psychological services is offered ranging from consultation, evaluation, and testing to long term counseling. An appropriate plan geared toward recovery is crafted for both the patient and their attendant family care givers.

The Neuropsychology team of Ph.D. and Masters level professionals work hand in hand with the physicians to assure an accurate assessment and a mutually complementary medical and psychological treatment plan.

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Vascular Laboratory

With the development of non-invasive techniques to accurately diagnose cerebral vascular disorders and disease, testing has become easier and safer for both patients and clinicians. High definition imaging, complemented by technological advances such as color power angio, allows the clinician to obtain highly dependable diagnosis without fear of contradictions. FWNC maintains a full-service vascular lab at our North Office. Not only does this help speed the evaluation and treatment of our patients, but its more convenient for both patients and doctors.

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Neuro Laboratory

Diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases and injuries requires the use of state-of-the-art laboratory tests to assure accurate findings. FWNC maintains the finest Neurological Laboratory in the Tri-state region, eliminating the need for the patient to travel from site to site to have tests performed.

Areas of focus within the Neuro Lab are electromyograms (EMGs) and nerve conduction studies. These Electrodiagnostic tests identify nerve damage and causes of pain or weakness. The electroencephalogram (EEGs) test monitors the brain wave activity to pin-point the basis for seizures, dizziness, confusion and other brain disorders. 24-hour ambulatory EEG services are available. Sensory Evoked Potential Studies together with a wide variety of other diagnostic tests round out the Neuro Lab's capability.

Assisting the physician in accomplishing each of the neurological diagnostic tests is a staff of registered technicians in both the Neuro and Vascular disciplines. This staff brings together in excess of 40 years of experience to assure accurate test results and maximum patient comfort. Guiding the overall direction and performance of the Neuro Lab are Board Certified Neurologists with Fellowships in Movement Disorders, Neuromuscular Studies and Epileptology.

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Operated in conjunction with the rehabilitation staff of Parkview Hospital, Rehabilitation Hospital of Fort Wayne, and St. Joseph Hospital, the FWNC Neuro Rehabilitation Center offers programs on an outpatient basis in the areas of Trauma, Stroke, Brain Injury, Neuro Muscular Disease and Workplace Injury. A close relationship is maintained between the patient, the therapist and the physician. In some situations an independent case manager joins the treatment team to assure that the optimal rehabilitation plan is in place.

An experienced multi-disciplinary team, combining therapists and physician, participates in patient's evaluation. Throughout the rehab experience the program is continually monitored to assure progress toward the best possible results for each individual patient. Besides individualized treatment plans, unique special programs have been developed by the Neuro Rehab staff in the areas of postoperative spine, stroke, pediatrics and brain injury.

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To remain at the forefront of medical advances, FWNC takes part in many research studies. We regularly work with the county's foremost pharmaceutical companies to develop and improve medications, we conduct treatment studies with major medical universities, and our physicians conduct research projects to help develop the most effective treatment techniques in their specialties.

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Neuroscience Imaging

MRI Scan Welcome to Allied Imaging MRI Center. Your physician has referred you to Allied Imaging in order that the most advanced technology in imaging, both in hardware and software, can be utilized to aid in your diagnosis. This will be combined with a capable and competent staff in order to assure that your experience with us is both pleasant and comfortable. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a painless process and does not require surgery or x-ray radiation. This breakthrough in medical technology allows our physicians to look inside your body. 3-D images will be created that will enable your physician to pin point the characteristics of your condition and to chart a plan of treatment best for you.

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Concussion Clinic

Sports-related concussions are actually a type of mild traumatic brain injury. FWNC now offers students athletes evaluation by a team of specially trained neurologists and neuropsychologists. The neurological exam evaluates the degree of brain injury. The neuropsychologist checks for cognitive impairment, memory loss, mood changes and other symptoms that can follow a blow to the head. Our team of doctors consult to determine whether it is safe for the athlete to return to their sport, or whether additional treatment and an extended recovery period is necessary. The concussion clinics are held the first and third Wednesday of each month at our west office, and on the second and fourth Wednesday at the north office. Please call the office most convenient to you for an appointment and more information.

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What's New

Concussion Clinic for Student Athletes

Is it safe for your child to return to their sport? Expert concussion screening and treatment is available every Wednesday from 4-7 p.m.

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