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Operated in conjunction with the rehabilitation staff of Parkview Hospital, Rehabilitation Hospital of Fort Wayne, and St. Joseph Hospital, the FWNC Neuro Rehabilitation Center offers programs on an outpatient basis in the areas of Trauma, Stroke, Brain Injury, Neuro Muscular Disease and Workplace Injury. A close relationship is maintained between the patient, the therapist and the physician. In some situations an independent case manager joins the treatment team to assure that the optimal rehabilitation plan is in place.

An experienced multi-disciplinary team, combining therapists and physician, participates in patient's evaluation. Throughout the rehab experience the program is continually monitored to assure progress toward the best possible results for each individual patient. Besides individualized treatment plans, unique special programs have been developed by the Neuro Rehab staff in the areas of postoperative spine, stroke, pediatrics and brain injury.

Parkview Memorial Hospital has a long-standing commitment to provide care in needed clinical specialty areas.

The Parkview Regional Neurological and Rehabilitation Center is one example of that commitment. The center offers a family of services related to neurology, including trauma, diagnostics, neurosurgery, adult and pediatric intensive care. The center also has a neurology and rehabilitation unit, which includes occupational, physical and speech therapy.

One of the Parkview Regional Neurological and Rehabilitation Center's strengths is its close relationship with the Fort Wayne Neurological Center. In addition to working cooperatively to coordinate patient care, the two organizations also work jointly to provide support groups and educational programs such as Heads Up, Feet First.

Of course, all of the resources of Parkview will be made available to the referring physician, who will be the primary provider of care. A patient status reporting system will keep the referring physician or institution apprised of the patient's progress.

To meet the unique needs of neurological patients, Parkview Neuro Rehabilitation Services Outpatient Department offers a comprehensive grouping of specialized diagnostic and rehabilitation services for individuals with acquired brain injury, degenerative and non-degenerative neurological disorders, pediatric disorders, work-related injuries, acute and chronic pain, and many other afflictions. All of the rehabilitative services are provided under the medical direction and supervision of board-certified neurologists and neurosurgeons.

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Admission Criteria

Due to the medical nature of rehabilitative services, a physician referral is required for admission into the program. You will be asked to provide basic information such as a brief medical history, purpose of the referral and insurance information, which will enable the center's staff to determine how best to proceed with the referral. The admission department number is 219.460.3247.

Evaluations and Diagnosis

Following a physician's referral for rehabilitation services, the patient will undergo a comprehensive battery of tests which may be conducted by neuropsychologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech pathologists.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Programs

After the in-depth evaluation, an experienced rehabilitation team will be formed to develop an individualized treatment program. The rehabilitation team includes a medical director, and may consist of a neuropsychologist, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist and a speech pathologist. Other important team members include the patient, family members and the referral source. The center's treatment philosophy emphasizes individuality that each patient is a unique person with needs that are varied and complex.

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Brain Injury Program

Parkview's Brain Injury Program provides rehabilitative services to persons with an acquired brain injury or neurological disorders who have the potential to improve physically and socially through therapeutic intervention.

Patients are assigned a primary therapist who will meet individually with the client at least once a week. The therapist will serve as a case coordinator and will assist the client in understanding the difficulties they are currently experiencing and will help develop strategies to compensate for those difficulties.

Minor Head Injury

The center's Minor Head Injury Program is designed to serve the unique and often frustrating difficulties of the minor head injured population. During the six-week program, clients will participate in a combination of individual and group therapies.

Community Re-Entry

The Community Re-entry Program is an "on-going" program that offers persons with acquired brain injuries an inter-disciplinary and specialized rehabilitative regime designed to promote functional and independent living skills, community reintegration and compensatory strategies.

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Pediatric Program

Children under the age of 16 who require a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation may be referred to the Pediatric Program. The program begins with an evaluation by two or more of the following rehabilitation specialists: a neuropsychologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist and speech pathologist.

The child will be tested for confirmed or suspected pediatric disorders such as:

  • Attention deficit disorder
  • Autism
  • Brain injury
  • Developmental delay
  • Dysphagia
  • Genetic disorder
  • Hydro or microcephalis
  • Learning disability
  • Prematurity/failure to thrive
  • Seizure disorder (epilepsy)

Following the child's evaluation, the team of rehabilitative specialists will collaborate on the findings and develop outcome goals. The recommendations also will be discussed with the patient's referral source and family. With family and physician support, the team will proceed with a program designed to treat the child's individualized needs.

To help children achieve their maximum level of functioning, the team may interface with the schools or refer the child out to other specialists. Team members will meet at least monthly to evaluate the child's progress.

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Post Operative Spine Rehabilitation Program

The purpose of the Post Operative Spine Program is to begin the process of rehabilitation following spine surgery and help patients progress to the point where they can return to their previous functional levels or progress to a formal work hardening program. Areas assessed specifically are range of motion, strength deficits, improper use of posture and body mechanics.

Several facets make up the Post Operative Spine Program, including:

  • Restorative exercises
  • Pain management
  • Job simulation
  • Body mechanics
  • Work-site analysis
  • Psychological support

Patients are reassessed by the therapist on a monthly basis. Follow-up evaluations and support after discharge also are available.

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Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation

Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation is a program of coordinated and integrated services which include evaluation and treatment with emphasis on improving the functional level of the person served. This program provides basic therapeutic services with a frequency sufficient to meet the needs of the individual.

Following are examples of diagnoses that may require outpatient rehabilitative services:

  • Acute & chronic pain
  • Neck & back pain
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Overuse syndrome
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson's disease

The Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation Program assists all age groups as well as a multitude of rehabilitative diagnoses. Upon completion of the evaluation process, an individualized treatment program is developed and implemented by a qualified, professional staff which includes occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech pathologists. If the center is unable to meet the entire needs of any individual client, a referral to an appropriate provider is made for that service.

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Community Activity

Parkview Memorial Hospital, along with the Fort Wayne Neurological Center, believes that community involvement is one way to give back to the community some of what we have received. Support of Families of Head Injured (SOFHI), and Heads Up, Feet First--a program which is presented at schools and other organizations throughout northeast Indiana--are just two examples of the programs that we financially support and staff.

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About Our Facility

Parkview's Neuro Rehabilitation Services are conveniently located at the Fort Wayne Neurological Center, 2622 Lake Avenue in northeast Fort Wayne. The new building and parking lot have been designed to make access easy for handicapped individuals.

For additional information about the comprehensive Neuro Rehabilitation Services offered by Parkview, call 219.460.3202.

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