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Stroke Institute

To best fulfill its mission, FWNC and its outstanding medical staff have established ten institutes dedicated to a particular area of neurology and neuromuscular study and treatment. FWNC is the only practice in the area to offer its patients as complete and as advanced a continuum of care.

The physicians of the Fort Wayne Neurological Center are specialists who consult on many Neurological and Physical Medicine conditions. As such a referral is required from your primary care physician or the specialist who was most recently treating you. Self referrals are rarely accepted and only under the most extraordinary situations. To be treated under any of the Institutes of Care, please have your primary care physician call us with your referral.

Alzheimer's/Dementia Institute

Our Alzheimer's/Dementia Institute was founded to offer a dedicated, comprehensive region of care to individuals suffering from neuro-degenerative disorders. The Institute provides patient and family education, cutting-edge evaluation and diagnosis, advanced disease management protocols, psychological care and support, and ongoing research with university faculties and pharmaceutical companies. Our expert staff is committed to treating these disorders and helping our patients to maintain an optimal quality of life.

More information on Memory Loss, Alzheimer's Disease and Other Causes of Dementia

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Epilepsy Institute

The FWNC Epilepsy Institute specializes in evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of both pediatric and adult epilepsy. The Epilepsy Institute was founded to give individuals thorough, specialized, and timely care entirely devoted to epilepsy. As the only Epilepsy Institute in northeast Indiana, northwest Ohio, and south central Michigan, FWNC offers the most effective epilepsy care available to the region.

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Movement Disorders Institute

The FWNC Movement Disorders Institute offers highly specialized treatment of adult and pediatric movement disorders such as Parkinson's Disease, dystonias, tremors, and numerous other less common disorders. A complete medical team assesses every aspect of a patient's history and lifestyle to develop the most effective treatment protocol- medical and/or surgical. In addition, the Movement Disorders Institute takes part in ongoing research to provide patients with the most advanced treatment techniques available today.

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Multiple Sclerosis Institute

With the incidence of Multiple Sclerosis increasing among our population, FWNC developed its Multiple Sclerosis Institute. By using the most progressive treatments available in the country, this institute offers patients outstanding care devoted to managing the disease and providing a high quality of life.

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Pain and Headache Institute

The specialists at the Pain and Headache Institute are devoted to diagnosing and treating pain disorders. The Pain and Headache Institute offers the most advanced technology and most highly trained pain experts in the region. Board certified, the Pain and Headache Institute has eight adult neurologists, and two pediatric neurologists, two neuropsychiatrists, biofeedback facilities, two physical medicine/rehabilitation physicians, and seven neurosurgeons to provide accurate, prompt care to individuals suffering from chronic pain and headaches.

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Pediatric Neurology Institute

FWNC's Pediatric Neurology Institute is the only practice in the tri-state region to specialize in the treatment of juvenile neurological care. Treating a diverse area of neurological disorders including Tourette's Syndrome, Epilepsy, Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, and others, this institute features nationally renowned specialists in pediatric neurology. As the leading authority in pediatric neurology, FWNC provides local treatment, removing the necessity for area patients to travel to distant cities for progressive medical care.

Our Pediatric Neurology Institute provides a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere for our young patients and includes the family in all aspects of diagnosis and treatment. Our team approach ensures that the physical, emotional, psychological and social aspects of a child's illness will be addressed thoroughly and expertly.

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Sleep Disorders Institute

FWNC Sleep Disorders Institute offers a coordinated team of board-certified experts in identifying and treating both common and rare sleep disorders including sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy parasomnia, and circadian rhythm disorder. Comprehensive in scope, the Sleep Disorders Institute treats every aspect of a patients illness—social, physical, and psychological—quickly and effectively. The Sleep Disorders Institute also maintains Sleeps Centers in Fort Wayne.

More information on Sleep Disorders.

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Spine and Rehabilitation Institute

FWNC created its Spine and Rehabilitation Institute to offer immediate, expert, and comprehensive non-surgical treatment of musculoskeletal disorders to patients suffering from spinal pain. The institute specializes in an aggressive, non-surgical medical specialty dedicated to diagnosing and restoring optimal function to people with musculoskeletal problems. Second generation lumbar disc decompression therapy complements the other traditional treatment methods.

More on the Spine and Rehabilitation Institute

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Stroke Institute

Our Stroke Institute offers individuals the best treatment protocols in the country. Our team of specialists takes a proactive, multi-disciplinary approach in treating stroke patients. Care is initiated from the onset of symptoms through hospitalization, post discharge, physical rehabilitation and psychological support. This includes all aspects of prevention, evaluation, education, neurological care, rehabilitation and research. FWNC is a leader in Stroke Research.

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